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Best Walkie Talkie Overall

Midland LXT Series Premium Walkie Talkie

The Midland GXT Series Value Walkie Talkie

Whether you are planning a family trip to a camping ground or looking for a seamless way to communicate within a group, it will be critical to have the best walkie-talkie of May, 2021 set with you.

The few extra seconds you invest in reading this guide can save you from being lost in the middle of nowhere and struggle to even survive, as a result of the wrong choice of the two-way radio.

Walkie-talkies are compact, and you can take them anywhere with you. They are apt for areas with poor mobile-network reception. So, if you, by any chance plan to go on an extended trip, camping or you want to go on some outdoor adventure, I suggest you follow this to the end.

The best two-way radios can offer you a wide range of features like SOS signals and weather alerts. Latest two-way radios have improved their frequency options, and radio ranges and they weight significantly less so that you don’t feel excessively burdened as you trek.

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Walkie Talkies For Kids 2021

Walkie-Talkies for Disabled and Senior Citizens 2021

Walkie-Talkies for Hunting 2021

Long Range Walkie-Talkies 2021

Waterproof Walkie-Talkies 2021​

Walkie Talkies For Kids 2021

Children absolutely love to play with toy walkie-talkies. These types of gadgets are made from plastic and are very light. Toy walkie-talkie is available in many colors and designs in order to appeal more to kids. Toy walkie-talkie is powered by either triple or double A batteries.

Best Walkie Talkie For Kids

The Cobra ACXT 500 Series possesses many useful features and can be relied upon for years of quality service.

Being so widely applicable and easy to use, most customers love this handy-dandy little radio and think it a bargain for the price they paid. It retails under $50 on websites like Amazon.

Features & Benefits of the Cobra ACXT 500 Series​

Though offering more features – at a better price – than any other walkie talkie on the market, three-year-olds can still use Cobra’s uncomplicated ACXT 500 series. These features include the following:

An additional plus is that the instructions are plain and straightforward, so even someone inexperienced in reading manuals can comprehend them.

Advantages of the Cobra ACXT 500 Series

Positive Amazon reviews for this product outnumber the negative reviews by nearly two to one. Lightweight, water-resistant, multi-purpose radios, they serve in a number of places and are often more suitable than cell phones for cheap and easy communication. Customers love them.

When they bought these radios, many customers overestimated the actual range across which these walkie talkies can transmit. Only under ideal conditions can this model cover 28 miles. 

On highways and farms and among hills and forests, this series works well — provided there is not an unusually large transmission level in the area. Then, if they are not used regularly, they will tend to burn batteries. Another difficulty users comment on is that the handsets do not say when they need a charge. 

Finally, these walkie talkies do not project well in noisy areas. Roughly two out of three users are satisfied with their product, though, despite these small flaws.

Conclusion: Cobra ACXT 500 Series Walkie Talkie

This child-friendly, widely-applicable walkie talkie is well-priced and high-quality. Equipped with a flashlight, a weather-station, voice activated transmission, and more, this communication device remains light-weight and easy to handle. Most users love it.​

Walkie-Talkie for Disabled and Senior Citizens 2021

A walkie-talkie is a good option for people who are confined to bed or for older people who may need home care. 

Walkie-talkie radios are a great way of communication between senior citizens or the disabled and the homecare nurse. In this way, if the nurse is busy doing other home tasks and the patient needs some assistance, they can communicate over the walkie-talkie. 

It is also possible to attach the walkie-talkie to any convenient place on the body (waist for example) or the bed, or any other easily reachable place.

Best Walkie Talkie for Disabled and Senior Citizens

Anyone searching for a non-cellular communications tool will have difficulty finding a better investment than the Cobra CXT 1000 Series.

It offers a wide selection of special features. It is also available at a low sales price of approximately $70 on websites like Amazon.

Features & Benefits of the Cobra CXT 1000 Series

Anyone searching for a non-cellular communications tool will have difficulty finding a better investment than the Cobra CXT 1000 Series. It offers a wide selection of special features. It is also available at a low sales price of approximately $70 on websites like Amazon.

Advantages of the Cobra CXT 1000 Series

A lot of people from different backgrounds have discovered that the CXT 1000 Series is perfect for their needs, including hikers, hunters, vacationers, movers, construction workers and emergency responders:

The CXT 1000 Series isn’t perfect: Pressure can build up because of the watertight seal resulting in low and/or muffled audio. One customer was able to relieve the pressure and improve the sound by opening the USB/headphone flap. 

The range drops to two to three miles with interference from trees, buildings, mountains and other obstructions. The voice activation also lags a little.

Conclusion: Cobra CXT 1000 Series Walkie Talkie

Beyond the few disadvantages noted by users only because of unrealistic expectations and design flaws that can be worked around, the Cobra CXT 1000 Series is a top-performance, lightweight product that provides everything we’ve come to expect from a Cobra walkie-talkie… and more. Given all of the extras and the price, the CXT 1000 Series is an incredible value.​

Long Range Walkie-Talkie 2021

Long distance walkie-talkies come with various ranges. For example, 1-watt walkie-talkies can reach up to 12.8 km (8 miles) and 2-watt walkie-talkies can reach up to 32.1 km (20 miles). The range of walkie-talkie increases with power so, for instance, a potent 4-watt walkie-talkie can cover a range of 43.4 to 48.2 km (25-30 miles).

The Uniden GMR5000 Series offers a wide range of features that make it an outstanding investment for long-distance and outdoor communications. The GMR5000 is available for approximately $80 on websites like Amazon.

Features & Benefits of the Uniden GMR5000 Series

The fantastic features of the Uniden GMR5000 Series make it perfect for a variety of communications scenarios. Use it on the road to keep in touch while moving or vacationing, or use it outdoors while camping, hiking or team building. Its features include:

Advantages of the Uniden GMR5000 Series

A balanced combination of standard and unique features make the GMR5000 Series superior to many other walkie-talkies currently on the market. More than half of the customers who reviewed it on Amazon found that it was the right choice for their needs:

We found only a few disadvantages with using the Uniden GMR5000: It weighs over two pounds. Customers who purchased it failed to understand how radio frequencies work under poor conditions. The range in non-optimal areas is approximately two to five miles using only the free FRS frequencies. Users can’t replace the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries with standard disposable ones. Lastly, the Uniden GMR5000 doesn’t have noise cancelling capabilities, which can make communication difficult in noisy cities and bad weather.

Conclusion: Cobra CXT 1000 Series Walkie Talkie

The Uniden GMR5000 Series is an excellent rechargeable two-way communications tool that is perfect for remote location and long-distance usage. Its disadvantages are small in comparison to its range, compact shape, watertight construction, privacy options and emergency system.

Types of Walkie-Talkies

Considering that there are a plethora of walkie-talkies out there on the market, the first question that a buyer faces is: what to pick? However, the decision is made easy once you decide on where and how you will use it. 

First off, you have the pick between the two main categories of walkie-talkies, and those are professional business radios and family/consumer radios. 

It would be a good thing to spend some time on this one since you won’t be switching between different walkie talkies depending on the event you will attend. We suggest that you put everything on paper and go from there.

Within both categories, you can make a decision whether you would like to go for unlicensed or licensed band radios. Unlicensed band radios have comparatively low-power and restricted range that is suitable for sports aficionados, enthusiasts, and casual users. On the other hand, you have licensed radios. Licensed radios have the power of 5W frequency transmissions, and they cover a wider range but require you to pay a yearly frequency fee.

Next is deciding between a digital or an analog radio. Some businesses look for the radio equipment that can properly work in risky areas. In such cases, we advise going for radios that have FM or ATEX certification. Since these radios are well known for their quality, it is the best buy by far. Because let us be honest here, you never know when what awaits in the future and you need to be well prepared.

What to Seek In a Good Quality Walkie-Talkie

There is a broad range of different walkie-talkies you can choose from, but we mainly focus on reviewing consumer-level radios, intended for the outdoors, rather than on CB radios and toys. We based our walkie-talkie reviews on overall performance, support options, convenience, and features.

Whether you want to buy to have some fun with your buddies or you really need them to serve you the purpose they were made for you will need to know a few basic facts regarding these beautiful tools. Even though they are no longer present in our everyday lives, they are used a lot. Most of them are used in military, or any other organization that depends on low range communication that is only bound to the frequency. This type of communication proved to be useful if you want to stay in touch with a smaller group of people that will be sharing with you a larger portion of space such as camping sites, any type of facility surveillance, etc. But, to be sure you are picking the right fit for you, we will point out some of the most important features you need to have regardless of the reason for usage.

When choosing a walkie-talkie base, your purchasing decisions on the following set of criteria:



All walkie-talkies are made with a range in mind, higher the range, better the device. The ranges are anywhere from 20-50 miles, but near-perfect conditions have to be met, for your device to operate at these ranges.
In reality, your atmospheric conditions will probably cut down this coverage to a mile or less.

Choose a two-way radio with both GMRS and FRS frequencies. FRS frequencies are easy to utilize, but they typically cover relatively shorter ranges. While GMRS channels offer a wider range, they need an FCC license to operate. 

You should also look for an emergency two-way radio or a radio that can operate and utilize NOAA climate channels. Choose a radio that sends emergency weather updates to your unit, and that can be used as an SOS signal in a case of emergency.

To us, the best walkie-talkie is as good as the range it offers. Usually, the best two-way radios have their range around 50 miles, but at the end, it all comes down to your preferences. We, for example, like to camp a lot and there is always someone that likes to wander off. Having larger range we can keep track of that person.


If you by any chance don’t know, NOAA system is a really great thing to have installed in your walkie-talkie. This system accesses weather database around your location and warns you if there are any unusual climate changes that might endanger you and people around you. It really doesn’t matter why you need 2-way radios, this feature is something you want to have


Whenever we are purchasing a two-way radio, we also look for some additional features like a headset, hands-free gear, and other accompanying equipment. Some of the walkie-talkies also come with noise cancelation feature and privacy codes. If you are going hunting and need it to remain mostly silent, then a vibration feature is what you need. Also, you need to make sure not to press the talk button by mistake, so you should ensure that the radio has a keystroke alert or keypad lock.


If you’re setting up to go on a backpacking trip, every small thing counts! You should ensure that your two-way radio won’t weight too much and burden you excessively. 

Nearly all contemporary walkie-talkies have a charger and rechargeable batteries, but if you are preparing for a longer trip into the wilds, you should find a walkie-talkie that can run on throw-away, disposable batteries.

Customer Support and Emergency Help

A walkie-talkie is an outdoor use gadget, so you have to ensure to choose the one that has extended the warranty. Standard warranty is one year but always try to pick a device with a 3-year warranty (manufacturers offer those today). A walkie-talkie is an essential device for campers and hikers. 

A walkie-talkie operates as both a contact point for when you are away from the mobile phone coverage as well as a lifesaver in an urgent situation. Also, the weather change feature always proves useful and valuable. Our reviews will assist you in discovering the finest two-way radio for your next outdoor adventure.


Some walkie-talkies will run on AAA or AA batteries, and there are numerous battery brands that you can recharge using the charger you got with your walkie-talkie.

The battery usage is estimated as follows:

90% standby time

5% reception time

5% transmission time

Channels - Few set Of Frequencies

Channels are pre-selected radio frequencies that are used for communication between walkie-talkies. 

Frequencies are assigned differently, depending on the country, and some natural occurrences and laws govern the use of frequencies (such as government licensing, atmospheric disturbance, terrain and similar). 

Walkie-talkies should make more use of lower frequencies whenever possible since they better for longer range communication. 

Walkie-talkies are always receiving transmissions by default. To communicate, you need to push the button, hold, and speak. Upon release, the device reverts back into radio broadcasting unit.

This one is extremely important if you know that there will be several groups of people in one place. To keep everything well organized, the best 2-way radios will offer you several channels that will help you contact the right group for the right task. And, above everything else, you can avoid telling everyone the message you meant to tell to someone privately.


Whether you are outside or inside, there is always that danger of spilling something over your walkie-talkie or that it gets wet in the rain. If you want to avoid any additional expenses, we suggest you invest a bit more and get yourself proper waterproof two-way radios. You won’t regret it.

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